Call for Tender: Event Management for the Grand Launch of Jakarta Future City Hub

Title of tender: Event management for the Grand Launch of Jakarta Future City Hub 

Application Closing Date (Phase 1 - Competitive tender): 28th April 2023

Application submission (incl. all documents) under:

Start and End Date of assignment:  End of May - July 2023

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

The Smart Change project is looking for a service provider to conceptualise, organise and facilitate the Grand Launch of Jakarta Future City Hub in July 2023. The Grand Launch will span over 3-day & 1-night events. The objective of the Grand Launch is to showcase the portfolio of services offered in the Hub. Participants should be encouraged to form a collaborative community in smart city innovations, work amongst peer entrepreneurs and stakeholders in the hub and get exposed to the international startup scene in Berlin and beyond. 

The vendor is expected to provide conceptual, technical and logistical event services for the Grand Launch, including: 

  • Event concept
  • Promotional materials
  • Venue set-up
  • Technical equipment
  • Consumables

Please find the complete Terms of Reference here.

Tender procedure:

This tender is a negotiated award with competitive tender. It consists of a two-step procedure: 

Phase 1 - Competitive tender

  1. Submission of the request to participate with all information and evidence of suitability by the bidder.
  2. Examination of the documents by the contracting authority and selection of the suitable bidders.

Phase 2 - Negotiated award

  1. Provision of the tender documents to the selected bidders
  2. Bidding phase / submission of bids 
  3. Evaluation of bids and round of negotiation
  4. Award of contract


In Phase 1 of the tender process, your application should include the following signed documents:

  • Eligibility & Suitability Form/Angebotsformular
  • Wirt-123.2 Confirmation of participation / Teilnahmeantrag
  • Wirt-124 Declarations of Suitability / Erklärung zu Eignung
  • Wirt-235 Subcontracting/ Unteraufträge, Eignungsleihe
  • Wirt-238 Declaration of bidder consortium/ Erklärung der Bieter-/Bewerbergemeinschaft  

All application documents can be downloaded here


For any questions regarding the Terms of Reference or the tender procedure, please contact the Smart Change team under: