Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Strategy and Implementation Plan

Jakarta today offers a plethora of opportunities, thanks to the diversity and the collaborative spirit imprinted in the community. However, the recent Covid-crisis demands a new frame to guide the people in living a post-pandemic lifestyle. This applies particularly to policies nurturing values, innovation, and job growth.

Aimed at fostering an entrepreneurial friendly policy, Smart Change project developed the entrepreneurial ecosystem strategy and implementation plan “Strengthening Urban Governance, Prosperity and Innovation in Jakarta”. In collaboration with Sixty Two and Nation Insights, the project gathered in-depth research from hundreds of small and medium-sized business owners and 16 seasoned policy experts focusing on the role of public-private partnership in stimulating Jakarta’s economy.

The extensive co-creation process led to the creation of 20 policy recommendations addressing entrepreneurs’ challenges of today in three priority areas: ease of recruiting & developing tech talent; making digitally empowered growth affordable; and building strong and up-to-date market and industry knowledge.

For more information on the policy recommendations and the research methodology, visit the report webpage.

Download the report here .