Multi-Stakeholder and Policy Dialogue Series

The Multi-Stakeholder and Policy Dialogue (MSPD) series is a series of events held in collaboration with the HukumOnline and Ruang Waktu consortium. The series has invited various stakeholders to voice their aspirations, discuss the Jakarta Smart City development intitiatives, as well as cultivate input on how to improve them.

The series allows for various local stakeholders to network and conduct dialogues as well as increase opportunities for collaboration. It also allows for intercity intiatives, information exchange between policymakers, and the exploring of direct impact solutions.

There have been 15 Multi-Stakeholder Dialogues, and 19 Policy Dialogues which produced 19 intiatives, and 20 policy recommendations, all in the service of developing Jakarta as a Smart City. The dialogue topics focus on smart city and urban innovation with relevance to mobility, living, healthcare, e-government, economy, branding, environment and education.