Call for Tender: Event management for the Grand Launch of Jakarta Future City Hub

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The Smart Change Online Learning & Exchange Platform is a platform intended to provide one-stop information on Smart Cities, designed to be open-sourced and available to anyone. 

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With our Online Learning platform, you get accessible learning through VOD and live classes, hosted by some of the foremost experts on various subjects. Learn from anywhere, at anytime, and stimulate your learning through your peers.

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We hold multiple events on urban governance and its impact on entrepreneurship. Learn in person or through our recordings how better cities can change the game for your urban living, social relations, businesses, and more.

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Smart Change continues to hold events that are on the cutting edge of the future. Change is coming, and we're here to prepare you for it. Join in, or you can watch our recordings, to learn more.


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Sample from our wide array of online courses, both live and VOD. These are just a few examples of what we have available for you, so that you can upgrade your skills and access new knowledge from anywhere, at anytime.

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